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We build end-to-end solutions, from site or application architecture and development to back-end integration. We offer a unique mix of Internet strategy, management consulting, and technology services. Our technical teams bring both real world, industry specific, and cutting-edge technical expertise to every client engagement. Our team is well versed in current & emerging technologies and business best practices.
We forge a strategic partnership with each client to ensure that delivered solutions contribute - both immediately and long term - to the continued growth and success of our client's business. We partner with industry leading solutions providers such as Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and IBM to add to our available resources and further strengthen our commitment to making IT happen.

Internet, Mobile & App Development

We have decades of experience in web design and development, database programming, mobile applications development and integration. Having served clients large corporate and government clients to small technical businesses, our Internet solutions are designed and developed to assist you to achieve increased online presence and return on investment.

Mobiles are assets that not only help in communication but can also provide greater productivity and value to your business. A decentralised and mobile work environment is becoming crucial to the fast paced world of today. Mobile applications can help in operating beyond the traditional boundaries of the desktop environment.

The need to have a mobile access to new or existing applications is spanning across all domains and industries, with different platforms ranging from Apple iOS, Windows and Android.

Intranet Development

We are experts in providing packaged applications or custom designed software solutions for Intranet and Internet based Web sites. We provide tailored solutions that go with your current systems. We make sure to keep it scalable with your company's growth. Custom solutions start with a detailed understanding of your needs, which we will turn into a full and detailed specifications that makes you able to imagine the site up and running, have a vision of the functionalities, and forecast its long-term results.

All companies have to look at flow of information within their company. Companies currently solve internal tracking systems in a variety of ways, ranging from pencil and paper to sophisticated and costly commercial systems. However, the advent of the Web has introduced a far more promising solution. The Web is good for more than just advertising and shopping. The needs of a company for tracking internal information match closely the capabilities of the Internet and Web to deliver real-time integrated information over remote distances. This makes the Web perfect for the handling and routing of internal company data.

Extranet Development

When we think of Extranet, we're talking of Linking Business Partners Via Internet Technology. An extranet can be viewed as part of a company's intranet that is extended to users outside the company. It has also been described as a "state of mind" in which the Internet is perceived as a way to do business with other companies as well as to sell products to customers.

We can define an extranet as a network that links business partners to one another over the Internet by tying together their corporate intranets. Extranets may be used to allow inventory database searches, for example, or to transmit information on the status of an order. They are being used by businesses of all types. Extranets can help businesses improve their customer service, increase their revenue, and save time and resources. The network helps facilitate the flow of information from one company to its hundreds of suppliers, and systems integrators. The system let the company's suppliers get point of sales reports at any time, day or night, and it enables companies to offer real-time inventory access.

Community Portal Development

A successful community of interest portal serves a clear purpose in the lives of its members and meets the fundamental goals of its owners. You'll be more successful if you can define and describe what type of community you're building, why you're building it, and who you're building it for. We build portals by developing an application specific model that meets the needs of the direct audience. The developed solution may also include e-commerce capabilities. We make use of the Internet technologies that provide system integration, reliability, security and scaleability. We treat the system and data in great care to make sure of its availability and security for the day-to-day transactions. We believe that a community based portal solutions drive major change in the way that the companies do business.

eCommerce Development

We're able to provide eCommerce solutions and elaborate them to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. By leveraging expertise, commercial systems and custom design, we are able to develop B2B and B2C solutions to fit a broad range of requirements. For example; self service, managing users, promoting your products, communicating securely to banks, logging transaction and tracking orders.

Custom Application Modelling

Every effective application begins with a well-designed model. We work with customers to transform project requirements into a model that can then be transformed into an application. Our technical team is experienced with different modelling techniques, including rapid prototyping. We can help turn your vision into reality.

Custom Application Development

A good application developer is competent in the latest technologies. Our application developers are not only well-versed in technology, they also understand your business - and extra that can mean the difference between project completion and true project success. Leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of ideas! resources, our technical team brings the tools and techniques needed to develop mission-critical applications that deliver results for your business.

Architectural Assessment and Development

While every client has different needs, they also share some common goals. Our extensive experience in developing enterprise-class applications means our technical team can help you develop an architecture that includes your unique requirements, while leveraging existing technologies.

Application Integration

No application exists in a vacuum. Our technical team can help you connect existing applications with new web-based technologies. We have experience integrating web-based applications with legacy systems in a variety of configurations. We can help you put it all together.

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