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Business Analysis

Best selling author Tom Peters wrote "efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things." Our business analysis and improvement specialists can help you achieve both. We'll take an objective look at your business operations and identify areas of weakness and strength. Our experienced analysts will help your organisation's key decision-makers define and plan changes designed to eliminate weaknesses and increase strengths.

Project Development

Turning a good idea into a successful project takes the right combination of planning, enthusiasm, tenacity, and skill. Most companies can point to a list of good ideas that were never implemented. Our analysts are experienced at translating good ideas into action. We can help you clarify vision, define scope, and analyse the complexity, risks and return on investment associated with that vision.

Business Process Analysis

Our analysts have always been the inquisitive types. We like to know how and why things work the way they do. Armed with the knowledge of how and why your business gets things done, we can help you examine your processes, determine what works, and what can be improved.


Pundits say the best team meetings include three people, two of whom are absent. They haven't been to one of ours. Our expert facilitators will help create and maximise positive group dynamics. We'll help your team reach consensus and perform at a peak level.

Package Evaluation and Selection

Today's IT market is filled with choices. The numbers and variety of tools and services available can make selecting the best solution seem overwhelming. Our analysts can help define a complete and coherent evaluation process designed to identify the best tools for your project.

Packaged or organic, the best solution for your company's need is out there. Our experienced business analys expertise will objectively evaluate and assess your business operations and help you apply strategies that achieve success by making IT happen.

Project Management

All successful projects have one thing in common - strong project management. Our project management professionals are experienced leaders, skilled at developing and implementing effective strategies that drive projects from launch to completion. Our project managers partner with clients to improve project management processes by providing industry, business and technical expertise


Our project management is ready to assist your project team in performing any or all important project management activities. We will mentor your project team members in best practices and will help develop customised training and development plans designed to increase both individual and team performance.

Project Office Implementation

Enterprise-wide project management is as complex and challenging as it is effective and necessary. Establishing a central project management office (PMO) makes good business sense. Our project management professionals have extensive experience implementing project offices that maximise efficiencies across departmental boundaries. We will work with you to establish corporate best practices that provide clear and consistent communications to all stakeholders.

Tool Selection and Implementation

In any endeavor, success usually depends on selecting the best tool for the job. Project management is no exception. The technical and business knowledge of our project managers, when coupled with their cross-industry experience, means they know first-hand which tools work best for your company's needs. We have worked with a variety of project management methodologies and tools and can help select the best tools available for your environment.

Project Communication

Poor project communication can lead to a variety of problems and delays. Today's fast-paced business environment doesn't always allow for effective communication to all project stakeholders. As a result, a project manager is often forced to spend valuable time dealing with mishandled communication instead of dealing with real issues. Our project management helps you develop a strategic project communications plan that will keep all stakeholders informed of project status and eliminate project missteps related to poor communication.

Change Management

The only constant is change. Ineffective change management practices can doom the success of even the best project plan. Our project management professionals know first-hand how to help you implement effective formal change management practices on both an enterprise-wide and project-based scale.

Vendor Management

Either you manage your vendors, or they will manage you. We can help you forge and build healthy relationships that allow you to conduct business with vendors in a respectful and mutually beneficial way.

If your goal is consistent delivery of projects - on-target, on-time and on-budget - our project management expertise has a history of making IT happen.


For most organisations, implementing major projects involves the buy-in and co-ordination of a number of internal and external parties. Our! overarching framework revolves around managing these relationships, typically between the Business Units, IT&T and various Partners.

  • Identify

    Defining the business goals and requirements

  • Engage

    Clarifying the roles, responsibilities, expectations, risks and deliverables for each of the parties involved.

  • Develop

    Architect, develop and test the application.

  • Implement

    Ensuring the smooth uptake of the application and associated roles, responsibilities and processes.

  • Improve

    Continual, managed improvement of the overall system.

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