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ideas! Privacy Code

To help individuals better understand the personal information we gather and the practices we employ, ideas! has developed a Privacy Policy which covers the following areas:

  • Information collected
  • Use and disclosure of information
  • Accessing and updating information
  • Security
  • We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. The National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act (as amended) apply from 21 December 2001. We will comply with these and any other applicable laws to protect privacy.

Please note that, in accordance with the Privacy Act, the National Privacy Principles (and this Privacy Policy) may not apply in certain circumstances.

Where this Privacy Policy refers to "personal information", it means information about an individual from which their identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained. An individual's name and address are examples of personal information.

Information collected

  • We only collect personal information that is necessary for our functions and activities. We will not collect personal information in an unfair, unlawful or unreasonably intrusive manner.
  • We try to collect personal information directly from individuals, however there are certain situations in which we may collect personal information about individuals from somewhere else. In either case, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the individual is aware of the purposes for which the information is collected. If you are one of ideas! "business contacts", we may collect basic business contact information from you (eg your name, title and work contact details). Generally we will not ask to collect "sensitive" information about you.
  • Where this Privacy Policy refers to "sensitive information", it means information or an opinion about an individual's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions or memberships, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, trade union membership, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record or health.

How does ideas! use Personal Information?

  • We generally need to collect personal information so that we can provide our products and services, and conduct our business. We also collect personal information so that we can communicate new consulting techniques, programs or other developments to our clients and to people who have subscribed to our website or mailing lists. If (at any time) you do not wish to receive these kinds of communications, please let us know.

Use and disclosure of information

  • We will generally use and disclose personal information for purposes related to the main purpose for which the information was collected, or where the individual has consented to the use or disclosure.
  • For example, we may provide personal information to our service providers who assist us in providing our services. We will only disclose personal information to those third party service providers on a confidential basis so that the service provider can effectively provide those services.
  • Personal information may be shared between members of ideas!. In those cases, the purpose for which the information was originally collected will be taken into account.
  • ideas! does not sell, rent or trade personal information about you to or with third parties. Personal information may be disclosed outside of ideas! in the circumstances described below:-
    1. ideas! may disclose personal information to external service providers who help us operate our business. If we engage external service providers, we takes steps to ensure that those external service providers:
      • comply with the NPPs when they handle personal information about you (regardless of whether they are a small business, and would otherwise be exempt from the new privacy laws); and
      • are authorised only to use personal information for the purposes specified in our agreement.
    2. Otherwise ideas! will only disclose personal information if this is required by law or permitted under the Privacy Act which may include emergency situations and assisting in law enforcement.

Accessing and updating information

  • If an individual needs to access or correct any personal information we hold about them, they may contact us using the "Contact details" set out on our website. Individuals should provide as much detail as possible about the particular information sought, in order to help us retrieve it. An access fee may be charged to cover our costs of providing the information. In rare circumstances, we may not allow access to or correction of personal information. If that is the case, we will provide our reasons for that decision.
  • We always take reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • For legal and administrative reasons ideas! may also archive non-current records containing personal information, such as back-up data files and off-site storage. Please be aware that you only have a legal right to seek access to personal information about you collected by us prior to 21 December 2001 if we use or disclose that personal information after that date, and if providing access will not cause ideas! an unreasonable administrative burden or unreasonable expense. If you seek access to that personal information collected by us prior to 21 December 2001, please contact us to discuss whether access may be available. Please note that if we do provide access to old records, we may charge you for the cost of providing such access.
  • If you are of the view that personal information about you is inaccurate or out of date, or if you have any other queries about access and correction, please contact us using the contact details set out on our website.

Online Privacy Issues

  • As noted above, sometimes we collect personal information through our website (if you subscribe or register). This will be limited to your name, email address, telephone number and business contact details, such as your company, address and your title.
  • Sometimes our website contains links to other websites, for your convenience and information. When you access a website other than www.ideas.com.au please understand that ideas! is not responsible for the privacy practice of that site. We suggest that you review the privacy policies of each site you visit.


  • We always take reasonable steps to protect all of the personal information we hold from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. This protection applies in relation to information stored in both electronic and hard copy form

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