eBusiness Security: Five things you really should check - now!

Security and eGovernance are often the last things on the mind of organisation leaders. But in an increasingly complex technical and legal Web environment, can you really afford not to check where your organisation stands?

Digital Rights Management: How can you protect and capitalise on your Intellectual Property if you don't know what or where it is?

Records classification: Maximum protection can lead to maximum cost. The key to effective security is to identify what you are protecting, why you need to protect it and how you should protect it.

Internet appropriate use: Banning Internet use at work may be a short path to deskilling your workforce, but how do you strike a balance to maximise work effectiveness?

Security Strategy, Policy and Procedures: In order to secure your site and assets you need to know what, why and how this is to be achieved. That's where a security strategy with relevant policies and procedures puts you on track.

Privacy obligations: Enterprises are generally aware that they have privacy obligations, but getting these right, and proving they are right, in a complex Web environment requires more than just good intentions.

We provide a full range of workshops, reviews, risk planning and solutions to meet these e-business security requirements.


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