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Australian Antarctic Division
AAD Intranet
eLearning Centre
Knowledge Management
Image Antarctica
The AAD seeks to advance Australia's antarctic interests in pursuit of its vision of having "Antarctica valued, protected and understood". It does this by conducting antarctic research and other activities aimed at achieving the Government’s antarctic goals, and by administering and maintaining a presence in Australian antarctic and subantarctic territories. The AAD manages Australian government activity in Antarctica, provides transport and logistic support, maintains the four permanent Australian research stations, and conduct and manages scientific research programs both on land and in the Southern Ocean.
Australian Taxation Office
Hosting & Support
To continue reform implementation and deliver revenue and compliance improvements promised by the new revenue system.
To make the revenue experience easier, cheaper and more personalised.
The Registered Software Facility (RSF) is an external service hosted by the Australian Tax Office on behalf of and in consultation with the software development industry and business advisors. It aims to facilitate the development and listing of software which may assist businesses meet their obligations under The New Tax System.
This Registered Software Facility utilises a number of advanced web technologies to support the transactional and consultation nature of the facility.
The Business Channel
Consulting Services

Multi-Award Winning Site
Business Channel is an electronic information service designed by the Victorian Government to bring government agencies and services within easy reach of the business community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Launched in 1997, the Business Channel forms an important component of the Victorian Government Online Channel program which seeks to deliver government information and services in terms of subjects, themes and life events (eg. starting a business), not government structures.
The Land Channel
Consulting Services
The Land Channel is a Government web site providing integrated access to land, resource and property information and services for the State of Victoria, Australia.
Launched in April 1998, the Land Channel forms an important component of the Victorian Government Online Channel program which seeks to deliver government information and services in terms of subjects, themes and life events (eg. buying or selling property), not government structures.
Department of Primary Industries

Department of Sustainability & Environment
Customer Services
Coasts & Marine
Community Involvement
Conservation & Environment
Land & Water Management
Parks & Reserves
Plants & Anminals
Property, Title & Maps
Recreation & Tourism
Farming & Agriculture
Fishing & Aquaculture
Minerals & Petroleum
Science & Research
Trade & Investment
VicFarm Online
NRE Intranet
NRE Call Centre Integration
Consulting Services
Two new Departments - the Department of Primary Industries and the Department of Sustainability and Environment - have replaced the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
On December 9, 2002, the Premier, Steve Bracks said a new Department of Sustainability and Environment would be established, taking on the environmental functions of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the planning functions of the Department of Infrastructure and an overarching strategic role.
"The new Department of Sustainability and Environment will deliver a systematic and long-term approach to improving the sustainability of the whole state – in the areas of conservation, water, recycling, greenhouse gases, industrial waste and planning," Mr Bracks said.
"Water and the environment are significant challenges for Government and all Victorians. This new department will provide a seamless, whole-of-government approach to ensure the Government can achieve its environmental goals into the future."
A separate Department of Primary Industries will take over the areas of agriculture and fisheries. The split of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment into two bodies means there will now be ten departments instead of nine.
The changes will be made within existing budgets.
Department of Human Services
Child Protection
Family Support
Juvenile Justice
Problem Gambling
Public Housing
Consulting Services
The Department of Human Services' mission statement, 'To enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Victorians, emphasising vulnerable groups and those most in need' encompasses the Department's broad responsibilities and reflects its commitment to maintaining and improving human services in Victoria.
Department of Innovation,
Industry & Regional Development

eCommerce InfoCentre
Strategic Audit Unit
Liquor Licensing Victoria
Consulting Services

Multi-Award Winning Sites
The Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (IIRD) has wide-ranging responsibilities for coordinating whole-of-government policy and service delivery to the business community and is the primary vehicle for achieving the Government's commitment to economic, industrial and regional development.
Darwin City Council

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Internet Site
Library Site
Alderman Extranet
Consulting Services
The people of the Top End are well known for their friendliness, their character and the warm welcome that they give newcomers.
Darwin boasts a relaxed lifestyle, a cosmopolitan population and magnificent sunsets. It is a young and vital city-on-the-move and is undergoing quite a metamorphosis at the start of the 21st Century. Darwin is well planned, clean and green. It boasts modern amenities and beautiful parklands. Although still casual in many ways, it is increasingly sophisticated and is a popular tourist destination for both Australian and overseas travellers.
As the capital of Australia's Northern Territory, Darwin is the centre of government and the major administrative and commercial centre. It is as close to Singapore and Manila as it is to Sydney and Melbourne and is increasingly making its mark as a major gateway with Asia. A new port and a new railway are currently under construction that will link Darwin with Alice Springs and the southern states, the Asian gateway has increasing significance.
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board
Consulting Services
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) has 1,511 professional firefighters manning 47 strategically located fire stations and specialist departments around the Melbourne metropolitan area. There are also 226 technical and administrative employees supporting the protection of property valued at close to $200 billion, vital community infrastructure and, during daylight hours, around three million people.
The MFB is managed by the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFESB), constituted under the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act 1958. The organisation's name and role changed along with its Board and management structure following amendments to the Act in 1997.
RACVThe Automobile Club of Victoria was established in December 1903 when a group of motoring enthusiasts agreed to work together to promote members' use and enjoyment of motor vehicles.
RACV has continually expanded from that time until today, when it is a multi-faceted organisation, offering a diverse range of products and services to its members and customers.
The main member activities associated with the organisation are emergency roadside assistance, technical advice related to vehicle issues, driving instruction, transport advice, research into road safety and vehicle design, road safety towing information and assistance and the Royalauto magazine.
RACV also strongly advocates on behalf of members on many mobility related issues including petrol prices, road funding and CityLink.
City and country club facilities are available for club members and holiday facilities are available at Club Cobram for both club and service members.
RACV provides a range of commercial products including comprehensive and third party property motor vehicle insurance, home and contents insurance, boat insurance, financial services and personal loans.
The value of membership is reflected by the fact that RACV now represents over 1.6 million memberships or 1.35 million members. An RACV member can be found in two out of every three households in Victoria.
Regional Financial Services
Through a network of regional advisers and alliances, RFS a Licensed Dealer in Securities and a Registered Life Insurance Broker provides tailor - made financial solutions and protection strategies to consumers in rural and regional Australia.
Simplot Australia

Extranet Workflows
Simplot Australia, the home of Australia's favourite food brands.
We are a family company, founded by Jack Simplot, with our beginnings in potato and onion farming in Idaho in the 1920's.
Although the Simplot name is new to Australia, our people, brands and factories have a strong history here.
Our aim over the last five years has been to build a healthy Australian business. We have invested heavily in upgrading our factories and in revitalising our brands.
We have become more customer-oriented, developing value-added products, such as Leggo's 'Stir Through Sauces' and Birds Eye 'Create a Meal', to make cooking and eating more enjoyable..
Tourism Queensland

Fraser Coast
Gold Coast
Outback Holidays
South Burnett
Southern Downs
Sunshine Coast
Tropical North

Tourism Queensland is the most progressive destination marketing and development organisation in Australia.
It is staffed by people who are experts in their fields and are here to help you achieve your goals.
Tourism Queensland offers a wide range of services, perhaps the best known of which is destination marketing. Our role has expanded to include tourism planning and destination development, making Tourism Queensland a 'one stop shop' for tourism operators and anyone interested in tourism.
All of Tourism Queensland's strategies and activities are developed in close consultation with the industry and aim to meet the changing needs of the industry we serve.
Participating in Tourism Queensland programs and activities gives you access to Tourism Queensland resources, experience and expertise that maximises results.
On-line HR systems
Consulting Services
Transurban is an international pioneer in the development and operation of advanced electronic toll roads. An acknowledged leader in the global market for intelligent transport solutions, Transurban is the company behind the largest tag-based electronic tolling system on an urban road anywhere.
Transurban's unique blend of intellectual capital and expertise was built on the development and delivery of its 'cornerstone asset', Melbourne's CityLink® – a state-of-the-art tolled expressway now attracting attention from governments and transport authorities all over the world.
RealTime Traffic Information
Consulting Services
VicRoads purpose is to serve the community and contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of Victoria and Australia by managing the Victorian road network and its use as an integral part of the overall transport system.
Under the Transport Act 1983 and Road Safety Act 1986, VicRoads is responsible for:
  • Developing and implementing road safety strategies and promoting road accident prevention practices in the community.
  • Managing the arterial road network including maintaining, upgrading, and extending the declared road network.
  • Providing vehicle registration and driver licensing services including new registration and licensing, renewals and transfers
Consulting Services
VicFleet is a business unit operating within the Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria. The Minister for Finance is the responsible minister in relation to the Victorian Governments motor vehicle fleet.
VicFleet oversees financing and management of the Victorian Government's motor vehicle fleet; manages the whole-of-government motor vehicle lease facility; provides whole-of-government policy advice on motor vehicle issues; and operates two supporting businesses;
  • VicFleet Management and Leasing (VM&L)
  • State Government Vehicle Pool (SGVP).

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