If you want it developed and implemented on time, on target and on budget, IDEAS! is the partner for you.

Whether you are planning an Internet website, an employee Intranet, or a partner extranet, we have the experience to manage the project and mitigate the risks. Our technical expertise covers areas ranging from content management and eProcess, to eLearning and collaboration across multiple platforms such as Microsoft and IBM platforms.

IDEAS! provide an integrated set of services that take you from initial strategic planning, through a user-centric design process and then to technical development to achieve a site that delivers on your strategy, enhances your communication, and is dependable and easy to maintain. We achieve these results quickly and cost-effectively by working in quality managed, integrated teams with strategy, design and technical input.

Our technical team works closely with our strategy and design teams to elegantly solve often complex functional requirements. Using appropriate technologies, experience and foresight, we forge results that are dependable, scaleable, extensible and easy to maintain. While our production and project management team pay attention to the details that are often overlooked by many. We understand that our job is to make it happen for you.

By bringing strategy, design and technical together from the beginning, we are able to make decisive, informed decisions quickly and produce results that would not have been possible by independent professionals working in the vacuum of their own disciplines. What this means for our clients is that we can get them to market quicker, save them time and money, and produce high quality projects that unify strategic, design and technical goals.

Project Management: Why?
Without doubt, if there is one thing that separates us from the pack it is our attention to detail in project management. We pride oursleves on delivering On Time, On Target and On Budget.

Dot Net: The Microsoft journey continues.
Microsoft® .NET technology offers businesses a solid foundation for building Internet-centric business applications, says the Aberdeen Group, a technology and market analysis firm. In a nontechnical white paper that explores Microsoft's .NET strategy, the group shows how .NET technology is already helping businesses improve their internal processes, reduce operational costs, and capture new business.

Java & Domino: Together Forever.
The Java™ programming language has gaining rapid acceptance in the corporate world.
Still, developing a full-fledged, robust and easily customizable Web based e-business application from scratch in Java is a daunting task. It is far better to use an application server that makes it easy for Java developers to access and manipulate rich services, such as workflow, database connectivity, calendaring, full-text searching, directory and messaging.

Good plans shape good decisions.
That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.
Lester R. Bittel


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