At IDEAS! we help our clients succeed, and we realise that our solutions are an integral part of your business environment. That is why we provide our SafetyNet support solution to effectively address your every support need.
SafetyNet is a comprehensive program that provides you with support resources to maintain and grow the use your Intranet, Internet or Extranet systems.

A SafetyNet agreement ensures that you have the peace of mind that your system will operate at optimal performance throughout the term of the agreement. Gold, Silver and Bronze SafetyNet packages combine a number of elements – time of response, monthly support hours, maintenance releases - to provide you with best coverage for all of your support requirements.

Support staff who listen, understand and help!
SafetyNet provides you with access to skilled support staff who fully understand your systems and have access to the comprehensive Knowledgebase developed by IDEAS!. This allows us to quickly and efficiently analyse and resolve any of your support issues. Additionally IDEAS! Business Partnerships - with IBM Lotus and Microsoft - provides our support staff with access to their knowledge resources and technical staff.

When can I use it?
The Online Support System is available 24 hours, 7 days a week however IDEAS! hours of operation are between 9 AM and 5 PM Mondays to Fridays (eastern standard time, excluding public holidays). Alternative arrangements can be made to attend to support requests outside these hours.

Who can use SafetyNet?
Upon signing a SafetyNet agreement you will be provided with a User ID and Password for the Online Support System which will enable your nominated resources to login into the system and submit and track your support requests. To ensure that your allocated support hours are used for only the most urgent of requests we recommend that the User ID and Login be disseminated amongst only a few key staff in the organisation.

How does SafetyNet work?
Everybody likes options and that is why IDEAS! provides several unique solutions one of which we are confident will suit your business requirements. In addition, to ensure value for money, unused monthly support hours can also be upgraded to address other business requirements with IDEAS! consulting services e.g. Business Analysis or Training.


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