We take our approach to accessibility very seriously. By accessibility, we mean that all people, including those with disabilities, such as vision impairment, can access our clients web sites.

We are interested in accessibility firstly for personal reasons; we believe that all people should be given equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the full range of economic, social, cultural and political activities.

Secondly, we wish to ensure accessibility for business, technical and legal reasons. By designing with accessibility in mind and making our content management system, NetEnable, produce accessible content, we know our client's online services will load faster, will be easier to navigate, will be user-friendly and will be accessible by the highest percentage of people possible. We don't want to restrict any of our users or our clients' customers from gaining access to online services.

Accessibility Services
We assist organisations by providing the necessary expertise and guidance in the development and re-development of websites to meet required accessibility standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Our designs and development ensure that all content is available to all users, regardless of the use of accessibility software and/or peripherals.

Accessibility Resources
For more information on accessibilty: