When you're a leader in your field, you attract special people.

IDEAS! people thrive on proving, every day, just how dedicated and professional they are. But more importantly, they think differently; they challenge the mediocre and push the boundaries of evolution. They’re the sorts of people that when they see someone who wants to build with nails, they don’t just hand them a hammer; they invent the nail gun.

We attract people who appreciate the rigor of the corporate approach, but want the dynamism of a small organisation. Because we are focussed on delivering business outcomes by leveraging enabling technology and our understanding of human issues, we act as an insightful David in a world of indifferent Goliaths.

Whether you have the business experience to guide our clients in their evolution, are focussed on developing leading solutions for real world problems or have cutting edge creative talent, we could be the next step in your personal evolution.

We are currently on the lookout for the best:

        • Business Development People,
        • Consultants and Business Analysts,
        • Project Managers, and
        • Adobe Flex Developers.

with opportunities in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

If you want to make it happen, send your resume, noting your area of interest, to Careers@IDEAS.com.au

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