Hackers: What's keeping your site safe?

Keeping your Enterprise web site secure for customers means more than just keeping teenage pranksters at bay.

Whether it's a power failure, wrong equipment configuration or a teenage prankster the effect is the same. Suddenly the promise of always-open customer self-service becomes an ever-present fear that something could go wrong.

e-Commerce vulnerability: As on-line business gains a growing importance, enterprises need a realistic and practical answer to two questions:

        • What is the risk profile of your on-line industry?
        • What are the threats to your service, and how do you mitigate these?

These questions determine the level of security that your site needs. Effective security requires a high level of knowledge and skill, the sort of expertise that we provide through our hosting environment. We provide you with not just the hosting options, but also consultancy services to identify the level of support that you need.

Business Continuity Planning: How critical is your on-line business? How long could you afford to be without it, and how long would it take you to rebuild your site if your current hosting environment failed? These questions are part of Business Continuity Planning, and form a key basis for selecting a secure and fault-tolerant hosting environment, such as provided by IDEAS! for enterprise customers which range from local councils like Darwin City Council, through State government departments like VicRoads, to corporate clients like Transurban.

Your level of hosting: Whether your Web hosting priority is reliability, visitor information or cost, our hosting services provide you with confidence in a professional business focussed solution tailored to suit your needs.