Usability: What's driving your customers away?

The more experienced people get the less tolerant they become. Your website represents your company. What is it saying about how easy you are to do business with?

A good user experience: Do you want a young and exciting site such as GoScience at, an authoritative site such the Australian Antarctic Division at, or a progressive corporate image such as Transurban at To get those results, you need to understand your users and choose the business and creative elements to match.

Cultural relevance: The World Wide Web reaches everywhere, but depending on whether your target audience is in North America, Europe or Australia for example, they will have different expectations and tolerances. Reaching across other cultural boundaries doesn't require just multi-lingual capacity but an awareness of the meanings of color and other design elements.

Meeting your usability obligations: We provide compatibility testing across a wide range of standards including W3C accessibility, AGLS meta data, Dublin Core and SCORM.

The medium is the message: You may believe that the words you put on your Web site represent its message. However, the message that a viewer takes away is created from every aspect of their experience: the look and feel, the relevance, the performance.

IDEAS! can help make you ensure that the viewer's experience is what you meant it to be.